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Why aluminum profile die – opening custom more and more?

Industrial aluminum profile is a kind of aluminum alloy extrusion produced by the industrial field used profile products. Aluminum profile die customization means that in addition to those 20,30,40,50,60,80,90,100,120 and other conventional series of aluminum, aluminum alloy profile can also have other section shape, so it is strange aluminum profile die customization. It’s not the customization that’s different, it’s the customization that’s different.

Aluminum profile die – opening custom are the same production process and process. Namely: the first production of qualified mold, and then prepare qualified aluminum alloy bar, and then on the machine extrusion production can be. The mold is generally designed according to the user good section, different aluminum section, performance and unit meter weight and other aspects are not the same. Open die custom aluminum profile and ordinary aluminum profile is no difference, whether it is material or surface treatment, in addition to customization, other are the same.


In recent years, the market share of aluminum profile mould opening and customization has been increasing. The main reason is that the rise of automation industry has driven the application of diversified aluminum alloy products. So more and more aluminum alloy products have been developed, so aluminum profile die opening custom more and more popular, is needed more and more. There are many new sections, such as zigzags, zigzags and irregular shapes, as well as customised colour finishes.


Customization has been a common word in life, belonging to the category of light luxury that people often say. Aluminum profile mold opening custom is another field of aluminum alloy industry, this aluminum alloy product customization field, aluminum profile mold opening custom share is larger, more widely used, the need for constant innovation and development to meet the ever-changing market.


Post time: Nov-02-2020