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Custom-made aluminum profiles need to be risk-averse

1. Does it really have to be customized?

If you want to customize the aluminum profile for the external frame of the equipment, it is recommended not to customize, because the conventional industrial aluminum profile is a high-quality frame aluminum profile, and there are many specifications, can meet almost all the needs of the framework. And a complete range of accessories, a variety of connection options for you to choose. Some people may say that my outer frame is not rectangular but polygonal, while the general section of industrial aluminum is rectangular or square. I can responsibly say that is also no problem, as long as the slotting line, there is no pressure assembly, our aluminum exhibition hall octagonal display cabinets are built with industrial aluminum profiles.


2. The thicker the aluminum, the better?

If you have to customize the profile, it’s not expensive to customize it. The die opening cost of aluminum profiles is really cheap compared to other molds. Some custom aluminum profiles need to play a certain role, so when the design of the drawing design is particularly thick, in order to achieve greater load-bearing capacity. But I want to say the wall thickness is not the thicker the better, on the one hand, the thicker the wall price is higher, the aluminum alloy price itself is relatively high, which greatly increases the cost; On the other hand, the thicker the wall is, the lower the hardness is. Like the 6063 aluminum profile we often do, the hardness standard is 8-12HW. If the wall thickness is super thick, the hardness can only reach 8HW. For example, the wall thickness of our conventional industrial aluminum profile is only 2mm, but its design is very reasonable, which can meet the higher load bearing requirements.


3. Can you combine the two profiles into one?

Some customers want to save some mold costs or have other ideas, there are more kinds of customized aluminum profiles, need to use a combination of multiple aluminum profiles, the customer’s company designers will combine the two molds into a mold, think that this can save a lot of things. Actually, I was going to say it would delay things. We once had a customer who operated in this way. We should have opened two sets of molds, one with a very thin wall and the other with a very thick wall. Later, I changed the design drawing and merged the two molds, resulting in the nearly scrapped molds. I tried to change the molds and changed the molds. After N times of trial, the molds were qualified. Because the thickness of the wall is too wide, it is very difficult to produce.


4. Who owns the customized aluminum profile mold?

Custom-made aluminum profiles need to be moulded, and the mould-opening fee is usually paid by the customer (it can be refunded if the annual purchase volume reaches a certain tonnage). Then the ownership of the mold must be the customer, this is beyond doubt. But the mold is generally not taken away by customers, but kept in the manufacturer. Since customised aluminium profiles are rarely ordered once, there is little use in customers taking them home. The manufacturer has a special mold warehouse to store the mold, and the mold is H13 steel quality, not easy to damage. For some special reasons, some customers would like to take back the mold and change it to another factory for production. I would advise you to try not to do this and decide where you want to do it before you open the mold. Because every aluminum extruder manufacturers are not the same, die pad, die cover specifications are also different. We have met many customers who want to take their molds to our factory for production, but we politely declined them.


The above is what I want to introduce, I hope it can help you.

Post time: Nov-02-2020